24/7 Emergency Spill Response

Lynx Creek Industrial & Hydrovac takes environmental stewardship seriously. Our health, safety and environmental program, as well as our operational core values show this. We are licensed, bonded and certified to handle hazardous or contaminated waste with our Department of Transportation-certified trucks. Being one of the very few companies in the BC Interior to do this type of work, we are proud to offer these services to our customers. From scheduled TDG waste removal to 24/7 emergency spill response and cleanup, we do it all. Our trucks are the most powerful and capable in the industry, and we’re happy to use our skills and equipment to benefit the environment.

Our Services

With dedicated services for our industrial clients, Lynx Creek Industrial & Hydrovac is proud to offer industrial vacuum truck and steam truck services:

  • 24/7 emergency spill response.

  • Clean out of sumps and containments that contain waste oil, fuel and dangerous fluids.

  • Combination units are equipped with high pressure steam/pressure wash and vacuum for a wide variety of industrial cleaning.

  • Contaminated fluids and solids cleanup Industrial vacuuming of debris and cleanup.

  • Plant facility/mill cleanup: waste matter, sawdust, woodchips, mud and sand Steam cleaning/thawing – line flushing/jetting Transport to proper disposal facilities Vessel cleaning Waste fluid hauling.

Provincially Licensed to Haul Hazardous Waste

Lynx Creek is LT licenced and bonded to handle and haul a wide variety of TDG, dangerous and hazmat substances in our DOT CODE vacuum trucks. This includes transporting these wastes to approved disposal facilities.

Hazardous Materials

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