Industrial clients demand industrial-strength solutions. For 24/7 emergency industrial plant and mill cleanups, Lynx Creek Industrial & Hydrovac is proud to offer the latest solutions in steamer, industrial vacuum and jet rodder services. These units are perfect for site cleanups involving waste matter, sawdust, woodchips, mud, and sand. We offer specialized sawdust and shavings cleanup for saw mills and wood handling facilities. In addition, we also provide a safe and effective vacuum truck cleanup for mill maintenance and shutdowns.

Vessel Cleaning

Using self-contained breathing equipment, Lynx Creek can work in hard-to-reach spaces, such as vessels, in order to effectively clean up your spill site.

Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Offering mobile pressure and steam cleaning for all industries, we can also recover the waste fluid from these operations and take to proper disposal facilities. All of our trucks are “combo units”, in that they can wash and vacuum simultaneously. Using the latest in powerful steam cleaning and pressure blasting technology, Lynx Creek Industrial & Hydrovac provides fully-mobilized solutions in tackling frozen lines, as well as washing and degreasing industrial equipment. These services are also useful for cleaning equipment prior to non-destructive testing (NDT). All of our trucks have onboard burners which heat water to break down stubborn waste and blockages. Our system uses high pressure, high volume flushing of blocked lines with up to 3500 psi, 65 GPM and more than 600 feet of line.
We provide unique, professional industrial cleanup services anywhere in BC, and you can rely on our expertise. For industrial vacuum and pressure truck services

24/7 Emergency Cleanups

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